Top up your Calcium Bank daily

From building strong teeth to bone development, calcium plays many vital roles in your body to ensure normal cell function. So when there isn’t enough calcium in your diet, your body will start pulling calcium from your bones where it is stored. This leads to weakened bones and in the long run, osteoporosis.

Protect your bones by consuming calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese, certain green vegetables and whole canned fish with soft, edible bones.

MARIGOLD HL Milk is another example of a bone-friendly food. Each 200ml glass of the milk gives you 400mg of calcium and 10g of protein. Furthermore, it contains a unique BonePlus formulation with Vitamins K and D that aids in calcium absorption and improves bone strength. Even better, it is high in calcium, low in fat and lactose, making it more than just a glass of milk.

Drink 2 glasses of MARIGOLD HL Milk daily to bone up on calcium!