Taste the delicate balance.

Enjoy a most delicate tea drinking experience with MARIGOLD UJI CHA – the freshly brewed artisanal tea. The first ready-to-drink pasteurised Japanese green tea in Singapore, MARIGOLD UJI CHA is a reflection of our passion for a good cup of ocha. The premium green tea in MARIGOLD UJI CHA hails from the the finest of tea-growing regions in the cool, misty hills of Uji in Kyoto, Japan.

Whether it’s green tea with Yuzu juice or Momo (Japanese white peach) purée, every sip of MARIGOLD UJI CHA calms your senses. All it takes is for you to pour it into a cup. MARIGOLD UJI CHA. Harmony in a teacup.


What's Available

Yuzu Green Tea
Momo Green Tea

Shake well before serving. Keep refrigerated below 7°C.